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Com Truise – Propagation

Com Truise – Propagation

What do you get when you mix Black Mirror, Ex Machina, and a techno artist? Propagation is the latest music video for electronic artist Com Truise, which explores artificial intelligence as well as the historical perception of females in society.

Set to Truise’s buzzy, eighties-reminiscent beats, we follow a woman as she goes about the robot functions of being the perfect if a bit soulless, housewife to her well-off husband. She cooks him breakfast, waits with a towel by the pool, and fulfils his sexual desires. It’s only upon finding her instruction manual tucked in her husband’s laundry that she – and the audience – fully realize that they are a robot, bought to be the subservient woman and caretaker for her “husband.”

Becoming self-aware leads her on a journey that leaves her naturally unfulfilled and questioning her current role. Ultimately, she decides to usurp it and create a cycle of her own, Astarting with abandoning her duties, drowning her husband, and then taking over in his place, demonstrated when she sleeps with the fluorescent, glowing mask she used to keep her looks beautiful.

All of this is achieved visually, due to its nature as a music video (despite the track itself being lyric-free). This works to its advantage though. To add dialogue to this would cheapen Trieste Kelly Dunn’s emotive performance. The actions are clean and sterile in their choreography, and the silent, robotic nature of “Eve” perfectly fits this chilling not too distant possible reality.

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